Most Americans are one paycheck away from the street.

Quentin Fottrell, MarketWatch 2016

Glen Dunzweiler was faced with the threat of losing his home. Suddenly, a life that seemed reserved only for the mentally ill and drug addicted felt closer than he had ever imagined. This realization led him to question, what is it like to be homeless in the United States?

With only his production equipment, a car, and some bare essentials, Glen set out across America to discover what led people to a life on the street, what daily life was like for them, and what they had to do to survive. In order to better understand the homeless and the service providers he would interview, Glen chose to live virtually down-and-out by sticking to a minimal budget and sleeping only in his car or on a friendly couch when he could find one. Glen quickly experienced the desperation, irritability, and the instability that comes from going without the things we take for granted.

Glen discovers that homelessness is unbiased and could happen to anyone without a support network to fall back on. By traveling the country and speaking with destitute men and women, Glen confirms that homeless people are people first, and deserve not our pity, but our respect and our help.

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